Emma Family Policies & Rules

  • Minimum charge is for two (2) nights.

  • Check-in is strictly between 1500-2000hrs. Outside these hours consult to make arrangements.

  • Guests will be provided with good quality, clean towels (one bath, one sunbathing and one hand towel) upon arrival. In the case of longer stays additional towels will be provided.

  • Smoking is not permitted except on in designated areas where ash trays must be used.

  • No pets allowed.

  • All rubbish shall be wrapped and tied. Please, remove excess rubbish and take it to the closest public rubbish container.

  • Any damage, breakage or loss to the property and any emergency situation shall be reported to the management immediately by email or phone.

  • Fire and safety equipment shall not be interfered with, moved or used for any other purpose than emergency use. Use of emergency equipment shall be reported to management immediately.

  • All doors (and preferably windows too) shall be left locked when leaving the premises.
    Management reserves the right to enter and fasten the same, if necessary.

  • Please keep the main entrance gate to the property closed. This also keeps out stray animals.

  • Please shower before entering the pool or spa. Please do not enter the pools with oil or creams on the skin. It can take five days to clean the pool if you do.

  • Abide by the SPA Rules.

  • No excess noise from radios, T.V.’s, playing of music, doors slamming, voices, etc., to be made that can disturb our neighbours. After midnight, no noise generated is to be audible outside the property boundaries. The property is set on a hillside which has the acoustics of an auditorium. Should local authorities be called to the property as a result of disturbance, those responsible shall be evicted without refund.

  • No non-paying visitors are allowed overnight. Only registered guests are permitted to stay at the property overnight. Breaching this condition shall result in immediate eviction plus additional charges.

  • All guests are required to keep and leave the property in good order, including all utensils, fixtures, fittings and equipment on, in or about the property. The property and each room has been inventoried. Any items found missing or damaged shall be charged to the guest. Any items stolen shall be reported to the police.

  • For security reasons, do not allow access to the property to any persons you cannot personally identify.

  • Please, be kind enough as to wash, dry and put away any equipment straight after use so it is available for others to use and ensure that the kitchen and other common areas are left clean and tidy.



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