About Emma Family

We are James & Mariela MacDonald, the privileged custodians of this special place.


I, James, come from generations of musical entertainers.
Early on in life I was a professional musician. I then developed a long, distinguished, international career in Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Management.
My passion has always been to love and to help people to feel good. Using my hands as healing instruments whilst the Master plays is just the best feeling. I am big on hugs.


I, Mariela, am originally from Venezuela. I bring the latin flavour to the ambience.
Whilst a degreed Mechanical Engineer, I have also had a distinguished career in contracting.
Trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Bio-Magnetic Pair Therapy and cooking, I also manage our beautiful Guest House in Orgiva. I am big on respect.

Our Beliefs

In this Universal Home of Love and Peace, love comes first. This means loving ourselves i.e. being kind to ourselves, uplifting our spirits, raising our level of vibration. The physical environment and therapies offered at Centro Emma are designed to do this. As you take advantage of these, healing takes place in body, mind, spirit.

We believe that humans are finely tuned (light) energy and that all disease is a result of cells becoming ‘out-of-tune’ (or dimmed).

Our cells, muscles and organs store blocked energy from the past that results in discord which manifests as dis-ease. Therapies such as the revolutionary meditation (Now You Can) liberates you from the past.

Energetic work such as vibrational sound directly accesses the cellular memory to release blocked energy, bringing the body back in tune.

All the therapies on offer are concerned with increasing the light within you, so that the world can see and appreciate the incredible being you are.

What is emma.family?

Emma was the name of Mariela’s mother whose motto was peace and love. The name Emma means ‘Universal’.

Emma.family is an association of like-minded people who want to be healthy, spiritually expand, progress and grow with love and support. All who visit become family.

Come, join the family.


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